Phasmophobia Game

  • Developer: Kinetic Games
  • Genre: Horror
  • Version: v0.8.0.8
User Rating: Rating 4.39

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Release Date
18 September 2020
Kinetic Games
Kinetic Games
Microsoft Windows


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The Most Terrifying Journey Is Waiting: It’s Time to Unlock Phasmophobia Secrets

Addison Jones

Phasmophobia is a horror video game developed by Kinetic Games. It was released in September 2020 and has quickly become a fan favorite. It puts you in shoes of a ghost hunter, exploring haunted locations and gathering evidence of paranormal activity. You must use a variety of ghost hunting tools to investigate the environment and determine type of ghost you are dealing with. With a variety of missions, modes, difficulty levels, Phasmophobia game offers an immersive and thrilling experience for horror fans.


Graphics is stunning. It has an eerie atmosphere that is enhanced by its dark and moody visuals. The environments of Phasmophobia free download are highly detailed, the character models look great. It makes use of a variety of lighting effects, from flashlights, flares to glow sticks, to create a truly terrifying atmosphere. There is an effective use of sound design, with spine-tingling sound effects and creepy music that will keep you on edge of your seat.


Gameplay of Phasmophobia PC game is quite engaging and rewarding. Players explore a range of haunted locations and use their equipment to detect and combat the ghosts they encounter. It features a range of puzzles to solve and tasks to complete, such as setting up traps and investigating paranormal activity. Additionally, Phasmophobia download free features a range of weapons and tools which can be used to battle the ghosts, as well as a range of upgrades which can be purchased to enhance player's equipment.


The multiplayer mode of Phasmophobia online free allows up to four players to join forces and take on the haunting together. You can team up with friends to explore environment, gather evidence, and complete tasks. Game also features a cooperative mode, where you can work together to survive haunting. You can compete in the leaderboards to see who can get the highest score.


It is a highly replayable game. With a variety of missions, modes, and levels, play Phasmophobia free is always something new to experience. Game features procedural generation, so no two playthroughs are ever the same. It features regular updates, content, so you can always look forward to something new.


  • What type of supernatural entities can I encounter in the Phasmophobia?
    Players can encounter a variety of supernatural entities, including ghosts, poltergeists, entities from other dimensions, and more.
  • What kind of evidence can I collect in the game?
    Throughout the game, players can collect various types of evidence to help determine the identity of the supernatural entity they are dealing with. This can include EMF readings, audio recordings, ghost sightings, etc.
  • Is there an online leaderboard for play Phasmophobia Mac?
    Yes, it does include an online leaderboard that ranks players based on the amount of evidence collected and the number of supernatural entities encountered.
  • Are there any special achievements or rewards to be earned in the game?
    Yes, these include completing specific tasks, such as capturing evidence of a ghost or solving environmental puzzles. Players can also earn in-game currency for completing objectives, which can be used to purchase additional ghost hunting equipment.
  • What is the objective of get Phasmophobia?
    The objective of Phasmophobia is to explore a haunted location in search of evidence of supernatural activity. You will use various tools. As you explore the location, you will need to complete objectives and survive the night in order to win.


In conclusion, it is an excellent horror game that offers an immersive and intense experience. It features great graphics and animations, and the gameplay is engaging and challenging. It is also highly replayable, with procedurally generated levels and multiple solutions to puzzles. If you’re looking for a good co-op horror game, Phasmophobia video game is definitely worth checking out.


  • Extremely immersive atmosphere and graphics
  • Variety of paranormal entities to discover
  • Challenging puzzles and investigations to complete
  • Intense scares and jump scares
  • Online multiplayer support
  • Progressive difficulty increases as you progress


  • Occasional technical glitches
  • It can become repetitive after extended playtime

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